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Motorcycle Specifications

Suzuki A 100 1978

Yamaha XS 500 1975

Ducati 900 GTS 1978

Vmoto Monaco V1 2005

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma 1984

Kawasaki KR-1S 1991

The Kawasaki KR-1
There are few bikes that garner as much talk at Shepster Towers than the Kawasaki KR-1. In fact, Shep Shepster is quite the expert so will be interesting to see just how much of this write-up gets redacted!
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Honda CBX 1000 1980

Honda CBX 1000 1981

Honda CBX 1000 1978

Kawasaki KR-1 1989

Fastest bike in the world in its 250cc class (RGV, TZR, NSR, RS250) Read more »