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Motorcycle Specifications

Suzuki RE 5 Rotary 1975

Wankel isn't necessarily a name that is going to inspire a generation, and in my household is only a consonant away from being a popular insult. In fact my wife is hurling it at me right now after reading the first line of this article.  Read more »

Honda CBX 1000 1979

Just look at those pipes! Half a dozen beautifully crafted chrome wanderlusts. Honda’s first production 6-cylinder road bike was a twin cam air-cooled wonder horse with DOHC 24 valves. Count them! Read more »

Moto Guzzi Breva V 750 i.e. 2006

Italian motorcycles. Cooler than an Eskimo’s cold bits. Yes, that cool. Read more »

Ducati 900 SS Hailwood-Replica 1983

It looks like Christmas. Perhaps if we were more kind, maybe we’d lean to the Italian Flag, with the white presumably being supplied by the wide-open eyes of its exultant rider. When the tea ladies at Shepsters saw the machine, they quite unflatteringly said it was 95% faring. Read more »

Kawasaki Versys 2010

The Shepsters Team went for a little ride recently in a beautiful Melbourne Winters’ Day. You know the deal: horizontal rain, hail, snow in the high country, blistering sunshine, not to be confused with a Melbourne Summers’ Day, which is exactly the same. Read more »

Honda GL 1000 Gold Wing 1975

It was some time during the photographing of long-dead now-non-flying insect corpses that we at Shepsters remembered about our love of the Goldwing. Read more »

Suzuki RV 90 1972

Now this bike has a history at Shepsters. In fact, this was the first bike ever wheelied by Mr Shep Shepster himself at a completely illegal age of 15 in South Africa. Read more »

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 1991

We at Shepsters can't admit to being much in the way inclined towards academia, our Latin for instance is barely anything beyond peritus, and our conjugation is appalling: I zephyr, you zephyred, he/she zephyerered. What the hell is a zephyr? Read more »

Harley-Davidson S 125 1949

There are girl's pushbikes in my suburb with fatter wheels. This isn't your typical Harley: a skinny runt of a 125cc single cylinder engine that had a 12 year run and offered with, for the first ever time on a Harley Davidson, the hand clutch/foot shift gear change. Read more »

Kawasaki KZ 750 1980

In 1980 Kawasaki had two very different KZ750 bikes: the KZ750-G parallel twin, the engine of which had been on the market since 1976; and the new in-line four, known by the postfix E. Read more »