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Motorcycle Specifications

Honda CH 250 Spacy/Elite 1985

There were very few late-night, debauched liaisons between Robocop and a Volvo 760. It was a classic case of the before Robocop was famous in ’87 tag-line. But like any drunken night full of lust and regrets, the memories were there. Read more »

Kawasaki Z 1300 1979

Six-Cylinders!!!! This is a motor-flippin-cycle! From 1979! And it has a straight-six-cylinder engine, with a 120hp! God, we at Shepsters Towers love the Japanese and their crazy love for motorcycles, creating effectively a two-wheeled Sumo. Read more »

Harley-Davidson TX 125 1973

When news of this month’s write-up came cross my desk, I was giddy with excitement. At the top of the letter was penned the grandest of American motorcycles: a Harley Davidson. Pphhwwwooarrrrr! All that hulking chrome, a shorn-off exhaust that melts ear-drums, and an engine that . . . Read more »

Kawasaki W 650 2000

Keen to prove that we’re not just simple petrol-heads at Shepsters, we’ve often left playing with motorcycles for a few minutes on a cool, dark evening to stare at the stars and contemplate all manner of things: can we be a diesel-heads as well? Read more »

CZ 250 MotoCross 1971

In a recent Shepster Towers quiz, we asked the team to name anything Czechoslovakian. Anything at all. With plenty of silence to go-around, we opened a map and realised our folly – apparently it’s not the 80’s and it’s called the Czech Republic. This didn’t make it any easier. Read more »

Honda CX 500 Turbo 1982

1982 CX500 Turbo
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Bultaco Astro 360 1976

Picture an executive board-room late in the day on a sultry Spanish summer: ripped posters and drawings are strewn across the floors and desks; copious amounts of plastic bottles and empty plates of food sit about half-molested; and exhausted salesmen and women lie in various states of decimati Read more »

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure 2004

After failing to pick up all 229kg of the bike from the sand on my own, with the tide lapping at my ankles, I started to curse Ewan and Charley for drawing me into their epic adventures. God damn them all the way to Munchen! Read more »

BSA Road Rocket 1958

The team at Shepsters Towers become a little lovelorn with motorcycles like the BSA Road Rocket. I mean, look at it. It’s wonderful! For a start it’s called a Road Rocket. Is there anything more to add? <Ed – We’re not paying you for two lines>. Onwards!
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Yamaha YZF 750 R 1997

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