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Motorcycle Specifications

Benelli 304 1984

Well, there goes the maxim about la dolce vita: a life that is full of pleasure and luxury. Not entirely sure the chaps and chapesses at the headquarters at Pesaro, Italy, had that in mind when they birthed the Benelli 304 into the world. Read more »

Honda VF 1000 R 1985

Honda VF 1000 R 1985 Read more »

Triumph T 140 V Bonneville 1976

There are very few British institutions left that haven’t been mismanaged into oblivion, much like the present country really <Ed – ha ha ha ha ha>, and Triumph could well have been another consigned to the scrap-heap if it hadn Read more »

Norton MK2A 850 Commando Roadster 1974

Has there ever been a 4-speed, 750cc, 58 eight horsepower (count ‘em!) machine more loved than the Norton Commando? Read more »

Derbi GPR 50 2004

Oh my. It’s not often that these hallowed pages have motorcycles eking out little more than 8 bhp, but rules are there for breaking. The fact that there are lawnmowers out there with more horsepower than the Derbi 50cc GPR is beside the point. Read more »

Honda CH 250 Spacy/Elite 1985

There were very few late-night, debauched liaisons between Robocop and a Volvo 760. It was a classic case of the before Robocop was famous in ’87 tag-line. But like any drunken night full of lust and regrets, the memories were there. Read more »

Kawasaki Z 1300 1979

Six-Cylinders!!!! This is a motor-flippin-cycle! From 1979! And it has a straight-six-cylinder engine, with a 120hp! God, we at Shepsters Towers love the Japanese and their crazy love for motorcycles, creating effectively a two-wheeled Sumo. Read more »

Harley-Davidson TX 125 1973

When news of this month’s write-up came cross my desk, I was giddy with excitement. At the top of the letter was penned the grandest of American motorcycles: a Harley Davidson. Pphhwwwooarrrrr! All that hulking chrome, a shorn-off exhaust that melts ear-drums, and an engine that . . . Read more »

Kawasaki W 650 2000

Keen to prove that we’re not just simple petrol-heads at Shepsters, we’ve often left playing with motorcycles for a few minutes on a cool, dark evening to stare at the stars and contemplate all manner of things: can we be a diesel-heads as well? Read more »

CZ 250 MotoCross 1971

In a recent Shepster Towers quiz, we asked the team to name anything Czechoslovakian. Anything at all. With plenty of silence to go-around, we opened a map and realised our folly – apparently it’s not the 80’s and it’s called the Czech Republic. This didn’t make it any easier. Read more »