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Motorcycle Specifications

BMW R 75/7 1976

As per our R69S write-up not so long ago, it’s extremely difficult not to digress into a wistful ode to those marvellous engineers and designers at Bayerische Motoren Werke, praising a simplistic design that transcended almost a Read more »

BMW F 800 GS 2010

Ever since a younger self laid down a 2001 1150GS - famously made of cement factories and bits of planet - resulting in summoning help from a passing old woman to right it on the sand with the tide lapping at my feet, the lighter F800GS was always a dream. Read more »

BMW R 1100 RT 1997

1997. Were we ever that young? Halcyon days. Read more »

Suzuki SV 650 S 2004

Starting life as a budget entry motorcycle in 1999, no one could have predicted the SV650 would still be partying like it was . . . the end of the century. For any Prince fans, we apologise in advance. Read more »

Ktm 1290 Super Adventure 2015

The boss has a 2018 version of these, so can we just say it’s an excellent motorcycle and that all KTM owners witty, intelligent demi-Gods? <Editor – Not really, no>. Damn.

Read more »

Yamaha XJ 650 1982

The successor of the XJ Specials from the 1970s, there were two flavours of the XJ650 – the USA, USA, USA! Maxim cruiser and the athletic European RJ Seca, the latter incidentally having a turbo version which appeared in the much-mali Read more »

Ducati 450 RT 1971

1971 was a huge year: NASA launched their follow up to the disastrous Apollo 13 mission; the floppy disk-drive was invented; and Sean Connery returned to the helm as James Bond in the quite bloody awful Diamonds are Forever, proving o Read more »

Kawasaki GPZ 900 R 1984

A masterpiece is generally not a word to be chucked around lightly, unlike ‘frisbee’, for example. The GPZ was the first in the line of the renowned Ninja family, housing a revolutionary design that not only immediately became a hit, but redefined the modern-day sports bike. Read more »

Benelli 304 1984

Well, there goes the maxim about la dolce vita: a life that is full of pleasure and luxury. Not entirely sure the chaps and chapesses at the headquarters at Pesaro, Italy, had that in mind when they birthed the Benelli 304 into the world. Read more »

Honda VF 1000 R 1985

Honda VF 1000 R 1985 Read more »