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Motorcycle Specifications

Kawasaki W 650 2000

Keen to prove that we’re not just simple petrol-heads at Shepsters, we’ve often left playing with motorcycles for a few minutes on a cool, dark evening to stare at the stars and contemplate all manner of things: can we be a diesel-heads as well? Read more »

CZ 250 MotoCross 1971

In a recent Shepster Towers quiz, we asked the team to name anything Czechoslovakian. Anything at all. With plenty of silence to go-around, we opened a map and realised our folly – apparently it’s not the 80’s and it’s called the Czech Republic. This didn’t make it any easier. Read more »

Honda CX 500 Turbo 1982

1982 CX500 Turbo

Bultaco Astro 360 1976

Picture an executive board-room late in the day on a sultry Spanish summer: ripped posters and drawings are strewn across the floors and desks; copious amounts of plastic bottles and empty plates of food sit about half-molested; and exhausted salesmen and women lie in various states of decimati Read more »

BMW R 1150 GS Adventure 2004

After failing to pick up all 229kg of the bike from the sand on my own, with the tide lapping at my ankles, I started to curse Ewan and Charley for drawing me into their epic adventures. God damn them all the way to Munchen! Read more »

BSA Road Rocket 1958

The team at Shepsters Towers become a little lovelorn with motorcycles like the BSA Road Rocket. I mean, look at it. It’s wonderful! For a start it’s called a Road Rocket. Is there anything more to add? <Ed – We’re not paying you for two lines>. Onwards!
Read more »

Yamaha YZF 750 R 1997


Yamaha RZ 350 1983

Oh yes! A water-cooled, two-stroke, parallel-twin motorcycle featherweight of 150kg knocking out over a 100mph! Read more »

Harley-Davidson XR 750 1977

The XR750 was the favourite motorcycle of stunt performer Evel Knievel. Read more »

Suzuki RG 250 Gamma 1983

The boss has just brought one of these, so what better time to analyse the hell out of it! This was also one of his first ever project motorcycles, and so there is an in-built adoration already before he’s even laying spanners on it. Read more »