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Motorcycle Specifications

Honda CL 350 1973

Gleaming twin pipes always make us a little weak at the knees, but then we have arthritic knees. And probably gout. In which case, a can of soda would have the same impact. <Ed – I feel we’ve gone a little off topic . . .> Read more »

Honda CB 450 K 0 1966

We’ve all had those interim jobs on the way to better things. Read more »

Suzuki GSX-R 750 1988

The 1980s were BIG: chunky trainers; leg-warmers the size of small alpacas; towering stadium rock music with never-ending guitar solos; and planetary-damaging amounts of hairspray. To remedy these transgressions, the world needed to stay at home. Read more »

Kawasaki H1 MACH III 1973

Whilst England were knocking about a football in the pomp and glory of 1966 sunny afternoon, undoubtedly heralding years of success and many future World Cup trinkets and baubles, the Japanese were setting their sights on conquering US wallets. Read more »

Honda CB750F SuperSport 1979

The most pedestrian looking super sports ever created? Possibly, in ‘Pleiades Silver Metallic’, no less. Yet the ’79 CB750F was latching onto some serious pedigree in the game-changing CB750 introduced in 1969, now a perfect café racer fifty years ahead of it’s time. Read more »

Heinkel Tourist 1960

Heinkel Tourist 1960 - Series 103 A2  Read more »

Suzuki GSX 750 S Katana 1984


If you’re going to name anything after one of the best slicing weapons in the history of world military, you better hope it delivers. In short, it delivers. Write-up done, ammarite? <Ed – Geeebaacccktwooorrkk!> Right, here we go then! Read more »

Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo 1983

In 1983 the future arrived: if you wanted cutting-edge aerodynamics and a turbocharged motorcycle harnessing the spirit of 90 horses, whisking you to 200kph and beyond the reach of ne’er do well’s, the XJ650 was in a class of its own. Almost, anyway. Read more »

Enfield Bullet 500 2000

‘Buying British’ was once a buy-word for resilience and grit: a country punching above its weight for two hundred years, a country of Nelson, Wellington and Churchill. It was, and is, a country of invention. Bar the US, it has the most Nobel laureates of any country in the world. Read more »

Benelli Tornado 650 S 1974

Let’s start with a confession: whilst professionals like ourselves at Shepsters Towers have never walked up to a bar and asked for a cooling Benelli, we’ve seen it done. Not by us. Let’s make sure that’s clear. Not us*. Read more »