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Group Pages

Groups are where like minded individuals get together to discuss motorcycles, trips, tips and tricks, motorcycles they've seen and love, motorcycles they've seen and hate, and pretty much ay topic you can think of. Essentially, like minded individuals that love motorcycles!

We also support all Motorcycle Clubs and Specialist Motorcycle Groups by providing them with a page to promote themselves. Using these pages Clubs and Groups can communicate with their members, arrange meet-ups, ride-days, and general club communication. 

And something that's really special and only available on Shepsters, is that if you set up a group page to discuss a specific bike, you can not only add video, pictures and comments, but Shepster's can automatically link your new group page to every related Specification, Part, and Project on the site, meaning your group attracts anyone interested in those parts, project or motorcycle across the entire world


Online Garage Space

This has been described by the team as a virtual online paddock, so let's stick with that! Here you can park your motorcycle/project bike in an online garage (without the cobwebs!) and other members can follow activities in any garage space they’re interested in. A novice mechanic? No problem, share around the community and let other help you with various tips and tricks they've learnt over the years to make your project really roar.

As above, our specs, parts and projects are linked to the garage space, so you'll automatically get notified if there are parts available online that match your motorbike, some manuals available to help take that tricky engine apart or simply other garage spaces that are doing something similar.


Buy and Sell

The only thing we like more than roaring motorcycles at Shepsters is shiny new parts that make them roar louder. We set this section on the site up to help people find exactly what they are looking for, associating everything being sold to a specific year, make and model will make it easier for buyers to find your parts, manuals and motorcycles.

Better yet, parts and service manuals  will be seen in related garage spaces, specification pages and groups too.!


Galactic Motorcycle Catalogue

Big just wouldn't have done. Global would only include the motorcycles made on earth, which given some of the motorcycles out there, doesn’t do them justice! We’ve collected a specifications database of over 24000+ makes and models, and we're not stopping there. If you search for a specific bike it won’t just present you with matching specifications, it will also show you how many members of the site are working on that bike, what parts are available and also provide members with the opportunity to share any additional information that might be helpful/useful to others. We’re constantly improving this to give our community the worlds galaxy's best online resource.


And best of all it's FREE!

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