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Taking a barn find 84 Interceptor and making something a little more.

Tearing it down

After getting it home, time to take it apart.  The bike came with no plastics or carbs which is perfect i am going a little more than stock on the bodywork.  Also, since I will be fueling injecting this, the carbs were not required.    The frame is solid and doesnt have anything more than some surface rust.  Engine turns with no issues.   Plenty of take off parts if anyone needs anything. 

Bringing the Interceptor home

Picked this bike up for next to nothing from a local CL ad.  Brought it home and had no idea what I was going to.  I thought about a restoration but I have never been much of an OEM look person.  I decided to do a bit of a "resto-mod" but after more thinking and working on it, I am going something a little more.