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TZR250 3MA

TZR250 3MA

Spare Engine Rebuild

Yes, I have a spare engine which we purchased from a chap who brought it into Australia in a crate full of other bike goodies from a shop that closed down in the UK. 

The engine looked good and seem to turn over, so I was thinking...this is a good buy, just whip off the head, check the crank, a slight clean up barrels & pistons with a new gasket set and drop it into my TZR, and then smoke it into the sunset. However ... Read more about Spare Engine Rebuild

Parts Worked On: 

  • Engine, Crank Shaft, Cylinder Head

Pipes and Exhausts

So, I had the pipes sandblasted for $50 for the pair. They removed all the rust and chrome finish that was left.

When I got the pipes home I hit them with compressed air removing all the dust particles. I had purchased two spray cans of Dupli-Color High Heat with Ceramic - Black.

I hung the pipes from the washing line from the rear muffler holders and painted the pipes from top to bottom. I laid two good coats on both pipes and had around 3/4 of a can left. Read more about Pipes and Exhausts

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Exhaust

Another Step In The Right Direction

Now that the house move is done its time to get the TZR into shape and start fixing and improving the long list of outstanding items. Lots to do but for now, the following will be addressed:

1. True the surface of the rear brake so it does not leak at the banjo bolt copper washer anymore - the surface was damaged (like most other things).

2. De-coke the exhaust pipes.

3. Sandblast and the paint the subframe

4. Bead blast and paint the top triple Clamp Read more about Another Step In The Right Direction

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Exhaust, Rear Brake, Steering Head

Front Brakes Refurb

As the front brakes that where originally on the bike need some TLC as well as had a couple of striped bolts I purchased an additional used set from the internet and a seal kit in order to refresh it. I followed the following process to refurbish them – always take note how things come apart as it will save time trying to figure it out when putting it back together again or having to take it apart twice to fix Read more about Front Brakes Refurb

Parts Worked On: 

  • Front Brake, Rear Brake

First Ride Impressions

This was the first time I had started the bike and went for a ride. While the bike did start, it would not get off the line and a lot of clutch and throttle was used. Once it hit 7000rpm it started to move to 11000RPM but it was not as I expected it to be - I wanted more... Read more about First Ride Impressions

TZR250 3MA

I remember first seeing the TZR250 3MA on the front page of the South African motorcycling magazine BIKE SA when it first came out; It was without doubt the best looking bike I had ever seen!

So it was with great excitement when I received my own TZR250 in September 2014. However on further inspection all was not what it seemed with my childhood dream bike and thats where the fixing and spending journey began...

Looks good doesn't it, but then again looks can be deceiving... Read more about TZR250 3MA