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Terry's KR1s

Rebuilding a once loved Kawasaki KR1s.

Brakes Calliper Refurbishing

Alright, So have decided to do a little work on the Brake Calipers...

Initially I was happy with them, however decided to pull them down just to be safe. Luckly, because a rear brake piston was seized in place.

Still in the process of cleaning them down before reassembling, however the pistons themselves are not too bad...

.Let me know your thoughts.

Once they are all masked off, will drop them to the powdercoaters..

Im restoring the bike, and trying to keep mostly original... nice and clean..however partial to Gold Callipers!!

Fairings repaires..

Luckly... the condition of the fairings were not too bad. 

Yes, there are cracks and broken clips, however given the age and stoked.

Have started to repair with Plastex repair kit. I've never use the kit before however it is amazing stuff. I would highly recommend anyone that needs to repair fairings give it a go.

I have completed alot if the prepwork.. Will organise the replacement decals.. then off to the Painters.

Engine split... for Crank Rebuild

Given the bike was missing the cylinders and head, and was sitting dormant for years..I was unaware of the condition of the crank.

Clearly was the better option to split the engine, and look at the crank.

I haven't rebuilt the crank yet, however will organise this shortly. Engine case was vapour blasted. and came up amazingly.. well worth the little added effort.

Original..abandoned condition.

So... many many many years ago.. I had this Kr1s. It blew the head gasket, and a friend offered to repair it and get it back on the road for me. Anyways, we lost contact and the bike.

About 10years later, I stumbled across my old friend.. who still held onto the bike for me. Yes, parts went missing and some added damage to the bike, however were reunited and to get her back on the road again.