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Suzuki GN250 - crash repair YouTube video links

A friend's GN250 came into the shop after a minor crash. Bent handlebars, broken indicators, needed a service, all the basic stuff so I called Tool Girl Hana to come on down and give me a hand...

How to perform an oil change on a basic wet sump motorcycle

It's important to carry out engine oil & filter changes at the correct intervals in order to ensure the vital engine components are protected both through the lubrication & cooling properties of the oil.

Over time the oil becomes contaminated by metal particles,  moisture and of course combustion chemicals. This 2006 Suzuki GN250, a classic, simple design that represents well an oil change procedure which could be applied to many of the smaller capacity motorcycles over the past 30 years.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Engine

Indicator replacement - includes problems with switching to LED type

Another common task for the professional & DIY motorcycle mechanic alike. Here Tool Girl Hana gives me a hand fitting replacement front indicators to this 2006 Suzuki GN250.

During the video we cover a few helpful hints and tips that may help keep you away from the pitfalls of this job.

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Andy Mechanic

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System

Fitting new handlebars - applies to most bikes

Over the years I have repaired hundreds of motorcycles and inspected 1,000's for Warrant of Fitness. It's surprising how many have issues with their handlebars, be them bent, corroded or just loose on the clamps, not to mention other issues too.

When Hana called in to the workshop asking if she could give me a hand as on of my Tool Girls I knew just the job for her....this old GN250 had been crashed a week earlier and needed new handlebars fitting - a perfect job to break ion the new assistant!

Andy Mechanic

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis