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Super Tenere XTZ1200

Time for adventure, time for the super tenere! The bike was purchased standard except for a remus slip-on and unifilter air filters, but by the time I have finished with it, it will be Suuppeeeerpurb!

No Light in My Headlights

The other night coming back from the city I took the freeway to discover I had no lights! Yes, it was pitch black and to make matters worse I had my dark visor on as I was not anticipating on riding at night. Well, I pulled off at the next off ramp and rode home very slowly with my emergencies on.

I thought it might be a fuse that's gone as both the brights and the dims on two lights were not working. So I removed the RHS panel and checked the related 20A fuse, and it was good. Read more about No Light in My Headlights

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System, Lighting System