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The Slingshot GSXR Track Bike

This is another exciting project. This bike has already been prepped for the track and the dream is to dress it up in Yoshimura F1 '89 bodywork

RK Seat progress

This week the seat unit was fitted. The seat base has been covered with vinyl and a mockup of the decals have been made to roughly the correct size. The decal template was made using a number of internet reference photos of a genuine GSXR RK

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork

Comparing the race glass screen

The first part of the bodywork has arrived with the purchase of a race glass front cowl. Heaps of work needed to be done to this as it arrived unfinished to a point where anyone that picked it up ended up with a handful of glass fibers. Just waiting for the RK/RR style seat and it'll be a fun weekend of fitting all of the bodywork together 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork

GSXR Tachometer OC-0001.4650 needle

So after a day of hard riding the Tachometer needle fell apart. this has happened with both of the 88 GSXR bikes so it's likely to be a common fault. Anyway a quick strip-down of the clock housing and some fun design time and presto we have a replica. the replica needles has been printed in acrylic material and cured to have a clean/smooth finish. They were then primed, spray painted in flat black, taped up and airbrushed with a similar orange. 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrics

Arrival of the Yoshimura F1 donor bike

This bike is staying on the racetrack but in time will hopefull get a complete Yoshimura F1 facelift. Remember to follow the garagespaces you're most interested in or create your own if you have any fun projects (even if they're just a small oil change we're always keen to see progress)