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Road runner

140cc Turbo Moped with working Pedals ,weighs 40kgs ,A mongrel of Motorcycle meets Bicycle

140cc crazy moped

  We built this bike a few years ago ,just to be a bit different from our usual stuff.That year I also did a 1000mile cycle ride to celebrate my 60th ,hence the bicycle slant .Tubo is from a SMALL SNOW MOBILE and the running gear is mostly from the cycling world or made by ourselves.Brakes are Hope as are master cylinders ,cables etc .The wheels are carbon fibre off road cycle wheels and tyres.We managed to keep the bike down to 42kg or approx 90lbs.I will be posted more of my bikes over the next few weeks. Read more about 140cc crazy moped

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Electrical System, Engine, Fuel System