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Old Yella

Bought a lowered F800GS a few months ago and spending a little time tinkering to bring up her up to speed

Auxiliary Lights

These were a purchase from AliExpress for about $80,a nd I was really surprised at their quality. Thye feel solid and attach pretty well, taking long to get the wiring the way I like it (and still not happy, just need it a little tidier) but the harness feel good quality, the connectors feel good and solid, the lights too. they seem plenty bright enough but yet to get out onto the road and test it out. thanks a bunch pandemic ha ha but will get there.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Lighting System

Bark Busters

I made a few purchases and the bark busters to protect the hands were high on the list. They were about $150 online vs about $120 on ebay or AliExpress, seemed like a no-brainer considering the authenticity and warranty with them. They look tough and were pretty easy to fit, giving my hands a little more assurance should anything strike them, and the clutch/brake levers some protection from impacts too

Nelson Rigg Soft Panniers

I was looking around for panniers for ages and although I've had hard panniers previously, wanted to dry soft panniers. I was looking all over the place but found these online for $300 and am really happy with them - waterproof, tough, look and feel like good quality. I just coulnd't sanction to spend the same amount of money and the soft panniers NOT be wwaterproof. They also come with the inner liners too so that you can just carry bags around and then plop them in. They took about 20 mins to attach onto the rack, but very happy all in all.

Extra Fuel

A small change but with only 16 litres I thought I'd add in an emergency 1.5 litre bottle. I had this old camping bottle around and the panniers already came fitted, so just searched around cheap ways of getting it on the pannier rack out of the way of the pannier itself - which I was yet to buy at this point. It's configured with some zip ties and some easy-mounting brackets which should get me out of trouble if during the 300km range or so I forget to fill-up, like an idiot (which I absolutely will). 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Fuel Tank

First Up, Portrait Shots

First just wanted to get a few shots of her where I live. Let me introduce you to 'Old Yella' purely becasue it sounds like a horse and she's orange. Hence, yella. Well, it made sense to me anyway.