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My First Project - Nighthawk

Hello! This is actually for a 1981 SOHC Nighthawk; my first project ever! Taking it slow and easy, trying to make it perfect, needing a lot of help!

Almost finished...

So, I haven't kept this garage space up to date whatsoever. Sorry about that!

Hope everybody had a great holiday.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork, Chain Drive, Exhaust, Front Brake, Rear Brake, Rear Wheel, Swing Arm, Charging System, Electric Starting System, Electrics, Ignition System, Lighting System, Clutch, Electric Starter, Starter Clutch, Air induction System, Carburetor, Fuel Tank, Throttle Bodies, Service Manual

Clutch Issue?

Hello after a long absence!


I'm happy to say that the Nighthawk has had a new starter clutch assembly fitted, and is an operating engine once more! The bike is more or less back together at this stage, barring some paintwork and seat creating, also making a big removable sissy rack as I'll be taking the bike to Europe this coming year (hopefully!).


Parts Worked On: 

  • Clutch


So, I'm wondering if anybody knows an easy-ish way to remove old paint? I've tried using Nitromors on the battery holder and it's just come out an absolute state. I'm fully prepared to sand everything down with sander and by hand; just wondering if anybody knew any miracle products that might do the task for me?

So far...



So, I got this bike off a friend of mine who'd had it sat around his garage for a few years or so. Needed fresh fuel, new battery and a front brake master cylinder. Otherwise, it was mechanically sound; could do with plenty of fresh paint. I thought, "Great, a pretty easy first project for me to tweak, and see how things work!"


Parts Worked On: 

  • Charging System, Electric Starting System, Electrics, Lighting System, Electric Starter, Air induction System, Service Manual