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The XV 750 Special


I have fitted the mudgard on ,this took me 6 hours to do, making rubber gasket so the aluminum won't be in contact with the paint on the swing arm , hose clamps to hold it ,and  small bolts  inside of the gard  is very strong  . It was a good progress for the day. 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis


Hi there I have started to put my bike back together after long time off my favorite project I polished everything back again .got everything that needed to get powder so hopefully I will be able to put some hours on the weekends ill keep posting photos of my  progress. 

The parts I have made

This project was going to be a quick one nothing fancy then something happened and ideas came to my head, I was going to bed thinking about this motorcycle the things I could do there is no limit to imagination so I started to do sketches and pick the one that is good for me. , so I went and got a english wheel never used one before so I made a fairing for this bike made tail, the mudguard .the first thing I made was the pipes , the brake pedal.


Hi there people here we are I have been working on my shocks , stripped the paint off sand them  down and then polish them up and change the springs to high compression ones , made my self a tool to get the exact oil megermemt in each shock, got shocks rubber protectors .I spent around 8 hours to do this job between weekends . 


Got myself some exhaust pipes they arrived yesterday and I think they look great on the bike. Payed  $180 for the pair made of stainless steel and they are well made to 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Exhaust

The seat

Hi there we'll I have finally finished the seat for my bike it has been a while making this seat and I'm happy how it turned out I don't know how many hours I have spent on it possible a good 40 to 60 to get it right and happy hour is on with a big glass of RUM and a good cigar to celebrate the this build. 

Mud gard

Hi there. Well I have made the the rear wheel gard . It took me 12 hrs and 18 hrs to polish with a hand drill , and still needs more work but is not that much more. I think  the position of the gard is in line with the tail.  I tried in different positions it  looked good in all but I decided were it's. , now build  the front one .

Air filter

Hey people got my air filter yesterday and got in to work making this little thing took me a day and half  . Getting there slowly but surely moving forward. 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Engine