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KR1 250 B2 Polar White/Lime Green

KR1 250 B2 Polar White/Lime Green

Exhaust Part 49069

Unlike the KR-1S Exhaust that came in two parts (Part 49070 Muffler-Comp AND Part 49069 Muffler ASSY or end-can) The 88 and 89 KR-1 models did not have removable end-cans. What you see in the photos are typical tricks to hide scratches or dents with a thin aluminium sleeve. Other than looking good this adds unnecessary weight to the bike and it would appear like this trick had been done twice over. We’ll put some effort into these pipes and get them back to former glory. 

Parts Worked On: 

  • Exhaust

Dealing with lost keys

Because this bike was neglected and left alone for years, the keys went missing at some point. There are a couple of options for this situation. Firstly you can buy a replacement (second hand or aftermarket) ignition barrel. Probably not the greatest idea unless you can get the barrel, fuel tank and seat lock as a bundle as it's preferable to have a matching set. Alternatively strip off the front fairing, fairing bracket and remove the ignition barrel. You'll find it has a code engraved into the base.

Damaged screw heads

One of the most common problems in restoration projects is finding out that a gorilla had a chance to do maintenance on the bike at some stage. Gorillas cause loads of damage but more commonly annihilate screw heads by over tightening them. The majority of us know how to tackle this problem but for those of you that don’t …buy yourself a spiral fluted screw extractor set.
Not much activity this weekend, Just the motorcycle instrument panel and front fairing mount were removed

Removal of the Radiator and Air box

This evening the clutch cable was fed through the radiator (A cable bracket on the top right hand side of the radiator), the radiator was then drained and disconnected. Removing it was a pretty simple job, three hoses and three bolts. You'll notice that the horn will need to be disconnected first as it blocks access to the bolts mounting the top of the radiator.

Preparation for removing the engine

The journey of removing the engine has started. Today the clutch cable was disconnected, exhaust pipes pulled off, shift pedal removed, engine sprocket removed, chain guard removed, stand switch disconnected, and finally the chain has been split and removed.

Arrival of the 1989 KR-1 (B2 Model)

Having not seen this bike when it was purchased, I was itching to see what sort of rescue operation I was in for. I arranged the bike to be delivered along with a seccond 88 model to a friends house who gave the bikes some parenting while I was in Japan.
Finally the bikes have been unveiled. My 89 model has been neglected for years with just about every mechanical part appears to have seized making it a real challenge to even push anywhere.The next step is to whip the motor out and see how much surgery is needed.

The 1989 KR-1 (B2 Model)

This is one of the few images I saw of the KR when I decided to purchase it just before Christmas 2014. I'm not one to buy things without some serious inspection but this was an exception. I've loved these bikes from the moment they hit the market back in 1988!