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KR-1 S Part Restorations

This garage space won't have a complete 1990 KR-1S when it's complete. We're only restoring a couple of parts that will be used to upgrade an older 1989 KR-1 B2.

KR-1 S Front Brake Calipers Assembled

Tada! The KR-1 S brake Calipers have been refurbished. When they were purchased some of parts were missing (Both left and right Brake Pad Springs, and the four Brake Pad Spring Screws). 

Powerhouse Brake Pistons

  • Eight new Powerhouse stainless steel pistons were purchased

Metal Gear Sintered Pads

  • A set of sintered MGear Brake Pads were purchased to go with the new MGear front Disks

A BrakeMasters repair kit was purchased

The kit included:

Parts Worked On: 

  • Front Brake

KR-1S front brake caliper seal kit and brake pistons

Whooo hooo! Just a quick update on the KR-1 S front end. 8 new stainless-steel brake pistons arrived today with a complete KR-1S front brake caliper seal kit. The bolts are still going through the plating process and the caliper assembly is in the queue for glass bead blasting and painting.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Front Brake

KR-1 S Fork Holders

This evening the KR-1 S front end was torn down. These parts need to be glass bead blasted and painted this week. 

The KR-1 S (1990 and onwards) had an updated Upper fork holder (Part 440391195) when compared with the older '88 and '89 models. The update included a threaded hole to bolt on the remote brake fluid reservoir


440391195 Fork Holder Upper
440371260 Fork Holder Bottom

Parts Worked On: 

  • Front Fork