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THE GSwhenwillifinishthisproject850G

Whilst I set out for a Cafe, my tastes changed and the bike doesn't seem to want to go down that path. So it's my own style incorporating cafe, brat, rat etc

The strip down

The strip down. Arguably the fastest part of any build. Also a bit nerve wracking because you don't know what you might find. Fortunately not too much wrong which this old shaftie! This is when I get to know the ins and out of my machine, which bits I'll be tossing and which might be useful. Stripping away covers to reveal the frame is wonder, although finding out we don't have a flat seat frame presents a challenge. 

The bike as was

This is the bike when I bought it, from eBay, off a guy who wasn't too happy it went so cheap. The bike stayed at my brothers place in Adelaide for about a year before I even got to start on it. As you can see someone else had tinkered a little, airbrush paint for instance. I can appreciate the artwork but it wouldn't be staying. At this stage I just kept trying to invision exactly what a wanted from the bike. I was really into cafe's however this bike doesn't exactly scream light and fast. I couldn't wait to get it home and strip her down to see what she was made of.