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The Core - A CX500C Project

These are some photos from my 1980 CX500. I picked this up in 2015. I started work on it in 2016 and finished it in August of 2018.

The End

And here is what she looks like today.  Completed in August-September (but are they ever really complete?) just in time for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.  She's now my daily rider. 

The photos of her strapped in are when I took her to a show on the other side of the state in Idaho Falls.  I just really liked the way the sun was hitting her when we stopped for food. Read more about The End

The middle

I did a full teardown on this bike.  These are some of my favorite photos during the build.  I really love the engine completely torn up and splayed across the workbench.

The frame was powder coated, as were the wheels.  Everything else was painted by me with off the shelf stuff.  I can add the photos of the masking and painting if anyone is interested.  I used a laser to align the striping of the tank with the edges of the engine block. Read more about The middle

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Bodywork, Chain Drive, Exhaust, Frame assembly, Front Brake, Front Fork, Front Wheel, Handlebar, Rear Brake, Rear Shock Absorber Assembly, Rear Wheel, Steering Head, Swing Arm, Cooling System, Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Electrical System, Charging System, Electric Starting System, Electrics, Ignition System, Lighting System, Signalling System, Engine, Camshafts, Clutch, Crank Case, Crank Shaft, Cylinder Head, Electric Starter, Generator, Oil Pump, Starter Clutch, Transmission, Valves and Valve Springs, Fuel System, Air induction System, Carburetor, Fuel Tank, Throttle Bodies

The beginning

This is what she looked like when I picked her up in 2015.  She was listed for $500.  A buddy was looking for one, as was I.  The price was too rich for him for what it was so he let me know about it.  We went to go look at the bike and I talked the guy down to $100.  Score. Read more about The beginning