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CBR1000F Cafe Racer

Honda CBR1000F Cafe Racer


Ok, so the last time I posted I mentioned that I would be doing a metal rear cowl...due to bad time management and also to some unexpected extra work on another bike that I bought, the metal cowl fabrication will need to wait for a couple of months, but be assured that it will get done!

Anyway, I bought the seat you see in the photo, but it was way too long for the sub-frame so I cut it about 4 inches.

Photos show how I removed the leatherette back enough for me to cut the plastic seat base.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis


Started working on a new rear seat cowl for the Honda.
What you see in the photos is simply the pan base where the new seat/cowl will go, in other words, the base where the new seat and cowl will rest on. I've decided to use square tubing as it's easier to work, and yes I know that if I had used round tubing, it would look better, but consider that once the cowl and seat are fitted, that part of the base will not be visible at all. Besides, I already had square tubing so decision was easy.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis

Out for a Ride

Took the bike out today and got a few photos as fairly soon I'll start customizing the sub frame to fit a custom fibreglass rear cowl. I've been toying with the idea of buying an aftermarket cowl, but knowing that it will need so many adjustments, I decided to make one myself. I'll start with a timber model, then fibreglass it. I've seen enough YouTube videos to give it a go...
I'll post some images once I start the customizing..:)