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CB900F2C resto

I'm a sucker for punishment another rough bike to resto!

More plating

Some of the batches of plating I have been doing since new year. I have sorted out the black chromate now fiddly but now I have system it should be a bit quicker. Happy with the larger bright zinc parts as people told me these parts can give more problems. About halfway through I'd say.

Black chromate

First attempt at the black chromate came out not to bad but I messed up the clear finish dip did a 10% ratio instead of 30% so ordered another bottle to continue with the black parts

Old plastic

Something I have found for whitening old plastic that has yellowed. Brush it on then wrap it with glad wrap then place it in the sun this was after approx 5 hours in the strong sun not shade. Comes up well I have also used it on a speedo 1/10th white wheel that yellows with age. I found this trick from a remote control car forum they use for plastic wheels that yellow off. Sorry the picture of the product is a bit blurry I got it from priceline from memory.

Rear master cylinder

So today I stripped the rear master cylinder down to vapour blast & rezinc some of it's parts.  But not sure about the inside bore now it is pitted quite a bit but mainly towards the end. Here's a picture after removing the bottom fittings and rubber boot yuk.

zinc plating

In the past I sent parts out to be replated but have had parts go missing or badly plated so I decided to setup my own plating system up with good results heaps more to do but over the christmas break will try and get it all done. Still have to setup up the black zinc plating bath when I have done some I'll share some pictures of the results.

Vapour blasting some parts

A few pieces I have vapour blasted to begin the resto they really came out well. The valve cover was really bad has some slight pitting still from corrision so will run the small da over it to smooth it down a bit more then vapour blast it again to improve the finish.

If anyone wants they can see pictures of work I have done for others on my facebook page albury vapour blasting.