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Cafe racer in a shed

bought the bike as a runner and decided to convert. never done this kind of thing before. had more fun than any other bike.


So, after a hard choice the bike has gone..

Due to circumstances i will no longer ride.


Thanks to rhose who toom interest,  hopebthe new owner enjoys as much as i did  

Its the little things

Small addition. Installed a tray under the seat and moved the electrics. Let me remove the box from under the seat.

Now gives me a chance tl tidy up the frame and clean the shock etc.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis

Latest look

So. A few more changes. The seat is fixed. The endcans in pkace and connected by 38mm flexible i struggled to find a good price for the link pipes. 

Footpeg hangers repainted matt black as an experiment. I lkke it but it won't last. Next year they will be replaced (one appears bent) and powder coated. New footpegs.

The links have been been wrapped to blend in. 

Ordered what i thought was a pair of mirrors......didnt realise it was cost each (second en route). 

Definately happy with the effect.


Seat on situ, not bolted on yet...

Exhaust and footpegs off. Getting end cans for christmas..and looking for somewhere local to powder coat the rearsets.

Finished job

Seat paint finished. Increased seat pad depth and new (black) covering.  All glued and clamped in place.


Just waiting for the epoxy steel to cure holding the retaining bolts in place to make it easier to  fit and remove.

Seat refurb

So the seats undergoing a refurb, never liked the old look really

Old decals and red (ish) seat gone, holes filled and a general rub down. Waiting for glue remover so i can clean it up properly. 

Then a repaint red/white to match the rest. The pad will wrap around...mainly to cover damage by a nameless garage..

Glue and screws on the sides to finish the look.


Then onto the exhausts......with my friend the angle grinder......

More changes

Ignition switch moved to the side of the frame leaving a nice space to fit the Speedo. 

Ignition switch now on the side,  works more comfortably for me. 

Last pic if a throw up of the new seat cover and position. Going to repaint  the tail section red/white like the tank and a smaller seat pad wrapping right  round the  seat  unit

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System

how it stands now

As it stands now the seatt is in a better line with the reatof the bike. i used the original seat base (the plastic bit under the foam) to support the seat, its clamped front and back.

The battery repositioned into the seat hump and the batttery box now housing the majority of the electrics.

Bar end mirror and removing the centre stand have inproved the overall look. i had thought of having the frame welded and a brat loop fitted but personally i like the slightly rough look. new indicators repositioned and a caged rear light.

semi finished

so, 2 tanks and a new petock later its running.

the original tank had leaks both sides which showed up after painting in the half and half red/white colour scheme.

new tank obtained and painted/fitted etc.

old clocks replaced by a cheap piece of c*** from the far east. will be repplaced by a better one when funds permit. headlight replaced with a 7" one i already had and painted.

after market seat fitted and a set of clip ons added.

rides niceley

whats left....

after bodywork removed i attempted to create a seat with foam and fiberglass. i  discovered i am basically shite at it so searched and found a suitable aftermarked part.

thetail i created was always too heavy and never strong enough.