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Brake calipers - testing for good piston retraction

All too often do disc brakes bind a little causing unwanted noise, drag & premature pad wear. Now this can be caused by poor piston retraction - see hear how to test it on your caliper...

Testing for piston retraction on your brake caliper

Stripping down a brake caliper, cleaning the components & fitting new seals and pistons is something all mechanics do, some more than others. But understanding how the caliper really works helps to diagnose faults and know what part is really causing the problem...

A true understanding of piston retraction, what effects it, how its achieved & problems associated with too much or too little is often misunderstood.

Whilst rebuilding the 4 Yamaha Viking calipers I decided to make a quick video which will help explain what its all about...

Andy Mechanic!

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis