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1989 Suzuki Rgv VJ21K Parts Bin Special

Left over parts build from other builds

motor in

Motor finally in

Fluids next, balance carbs and set powervalve timing then test ride

Parts Worked On: 

  • Cooling System, Electrical System, Engine

Getting closer

well im stuck with it now

A schick replica it is.


Bodywork has arrived so time to start putting it together a bit more. Fuel tank dents repaired and ready for a coat of paint and apply decals. Ride height front and rear needs a bit of a play around. Looks a bit Gumby

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis


So it was going to be a Schick replica RGV then i changed my mind and it was going to be a wolf

Then after i bolted in the newly painted wheels and forks that have been rebuilt (same as the wheels) i thought nah stay true to the original idea. The original bodywork is Pespsi so , lets go pepsi again. Guess what the Schick decals are ordered now. Such tough decisions to make. Start bodywork prep this week. The motor is stripped and ready for its new crank and tope end inc powervalves.

This thing might be ready to go by October I am hoping

In the beginning...


  • Left over parts build from other builds
  • Only a chassis was missing
  • Running KR-1s front forks wheels and brakes (utilising a vj21 triple clamps
  • Motor has a new crank and power valves to go in
  • 96 braced swingarm will be fitted with gsxr600 rear shock
  • Sugaya F# kit racing exhausts will be fitted as well
  • To be painted a schick replica from 1988 (see pic)