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XS650 Cafe Racer

It is an XS650B 1975 model that was butchered into a dirtbike and destined for scrap.

It is built entirely from all stock components from lots of other bikes which makes for simple replacement if needed in the future.

Some aftermarket items like mufflers and speedo.

Major modifications include Forks,wheels and monoshock rear end from FZR400R.

Brakes are twin 4pot Brembo running on 320mm floating discs.

All the chassis  geometry setup was based on the FZR400R ,considered to be the finest handling bike of the era.

Tank is SR500 and All other body work was made by me using fiberglass.

The entire build was done in my home workshop in Nth NSW ,nothing was shopped out other than the cylinders rebore and frame sandblast .

Engine mods include 34mm Mikuni roundslides and adaption of Yam RD350 LC alternator, doing away with the overweight original unit.

The bike is now currently Registered in NSW and Rides superbly.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Electrical System, Engine, Fuel System

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Love the video ozzycb!

Love the video ozzycb! Outstanding work. Everything fits so well on your bike, great flow from the front right through to the back. 

front end was a touch

front end was a touch undersprung, ive since changed the forks to FZR600 with adjustable damping etc , slightly longer too,slow the steering down a tad, really happy with the handling now. Im into early Hondas fours and Z1's  also.Restored quite a few of them.


I'm really happy that you've

I'm really happy that you've worked through it and kept the wheels they look great. My first big four was a mkii KZ1000 with a Kerker pipe and fuel injection. I loved that bike. I'm hoping we get some members who are happy to share their z1000 projects. I'd love to follow one being restored