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WA Road trip to pick up 2x Honda CB650's

I have recently returned from Western Australia. My 51 year old Nephew passed away as a result of an anurism 18 months 2 years ago. Very sad! My nephews wife offered me his two CB 650's. I mentioned that they were a bit rare and because they were in bits the value would or might be very little $$$$$. So with covid 19 over myself and my wife took a road trip to WA. Four weeks in total. 

That drive to WA is definitely scratched off my bucket list. My GPS also went to sleep on the trip over. 9500 kilomtres in total. All I have to do now is get one bike up to riding stage and get it on club plates.

My little Honda CB350f road bike is at present motorless. Today Sunday 9/5/2021 I finally managed to get the engine out. I have an oil leak at the transmission seal just in front of the Counter Shaft Sprocket. I was going to do a dodgy fix on it with some Toyota Goo but because it is part of an oil way I didnt fancy Gooing up the oil way.

So now this week I'm going to split tha cases and replace the old seal with a new one. In the mean time I'm replacing the motor with the original motor that Ive had in the engine stand for the last 15 years.

I had until today forgotten hoe heavy a LITTLE CB350f motor weighs! :-(

Parts Worked On: 

  • Engine

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your nephew Rex. I'm sure those CB 650's came along with fond memories. Good luck with the engine work and make sure you share a few images if you get any time, I'd love to see some of the action.