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RG250 Seat Tail Box Set (part 455504082017P)

While the hunt for a new swing arm continues, it seemed like a good time to look at reproducing a seat back rest pad for the aftermarket Seat Tail Box Set (part 455504082017P) that was purchased from Classic Race Replicas online.

The solo seat pad that came from Classic Race Replicas is made from fiberglass and the intention is to use it as a reference to re-manufacture one closer to the original with foam, base-plate and vinyl to match the pilot seat. 

Using a series of images found online, photo's and reference material from Bitacticus and the replica box set, a two dimensional draft was made as a template.  

Next steps will be to extrude and model the seat pad base in 3D and create a model for either printing or Milling. the 2D templates will be used to send to the upholsterers for both a Pilot Seat and Backrest Pad cover.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork