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The R1 - Red goes faster!

I aquired the bike with a Power Commander and want to work out what tune map was put in. Not really sure as yet how to look at this or how to make changes to it. 

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Hey Jay, I need to go through

Hey Jay, I need to go through this exercise with my ’06 FZ1N. Kwackboy from 4Faces is keen to get his camera equipment out and do some filming so we can document our steps (Unless you beat us to it). He is in the UK for a month so we won’t get to it until then. Did you get any instructions with your Power Commander? If not I’ll dig through my stuff and see if I have anything to share.

You should be able to see the

You should be able to see the mapping once you install the Power Commander Software on a computer and connect the Power Commander to it. I think there are preset selections that you can configure but will rummage through my stuff when I get home on the weekend.

I downloaded the software and

I downloaded the software and plugged it in. I now have the map off the bike and downloaded the maps for bike off PC page. Just need to work out what is actually on the bike now compared to the ones I downloaded. Hard to tell if it has been tuned or if it is default map. Doesn't really feel like it has been tuned though.

Hi Jay, I’ve got a Power

Hi Jay, I’ve got a Power Commander III for a 2006-2007 Yamaha FZ1. The box came with the following parts (1) Power Commander, (2) USB Cable, (3) Installation Guide, (4) Power Adapter, (5) Power Commander Decals, (6) Dynojet decals, (7) Velcro Strip, and (8) Alcohol Swab.

In terms of things that might have changed, have a look at the most obvious stuff (1) Change of Exhaust, (2) Change of Air filter and/or modified air filter box and (3) changed sprockets. The readings might give you an indication of what has done