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Project up for sale.

This project is up for sale.

Have all the original parts and have bought a lot of upgraded parts.

Some of the parts

  • Complete Set - BMW K BSK SpeedWorks rearsets
  • Banjo bolt brake light switch
  • Stainless Steel brake hose kit
  • Double Slash Cut (AR-DS1) Pro-Race Exhaust
  • 30 degree outlet BMW K Series 4-1 Collector
  • Extra pair of swivel springs and spring tabs
  • Ram Progressive Fork Springs, K1100LT 1992
  • CM380 - BMW K1 / K100 16V / K1100 - Ram K series rear shock absorber, 100kg,road, trackday
  • Handlebars
  • Barend mirrors
  • Acewell ACE 2853 speedo



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Oh no.. does this mean that

Oh no.. does this mean that another project is coming in?  You can get your bike into the for sale section and we'll get it out in this months news letter.