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No longer a F3 Replica but its a Rockin Roller

5 hours from Go to whoa, assembling all the recently painted items with all my newly zinc plated original bolts. Its a beautiful thing , putting bikes back together with new fastners. Its even more rewarding and somewhat cost effective re using all the original and correct bolts.

I'm very inspired to crack on with the rest of it now. The main job was to get the top fairing frame on and tewak it for straightenss to test how last weeks top fairing went. Once thats done i will finish plastic repairs then get it all off to paint. Next is the motor strip and full recondition. Could be on course for a September completion

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis

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Spectacular! As always I get

Spectacular! As always I get a heap of inspiration from your work. I need to get a post up sometime soon as I've started laying out the wiring harness. Do you know where I can get decals that match the original switch gear?

Nope they aren't decals they

Nope they aren't decals they are painted on.  Get a microscope and have a go.

I managed to score a neear new LH switchblock and got a NOS Rhs block. Very happy