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motor build

Motor build going ahead in leaps and bounds

Finish this week

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  • Engine

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its a machined head to suit

its a machined head to suit the 350 cylinders. Originally a 250 head and barrels were on the 350 stamped cases(not sure why) So now it is going to carry 350 cylinders that are 2mm out(66mm) so we machined the 250 head(54mm combustion chamber) out to suit the 66mm bore

Gday Dave. Finish it this

Gday Dave. Finish it this week. Final small items such as c clips etc should arrive. Ordered a custom copper head gasket from the U.S.A last week. Once that arrives the little black lump will go in the chassis, carbs on (recently rebuilt)exhausts on (newly painted) and wait for the Zeeltronic ignition to arrive from Borat .

Photos will definately be following.

75% of the bodywork has been rubbed back awaiting primer this week , weather permitting