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KR-1 S Front Brake Calipers Assembled

Tada! The KR-1 S brake Calipers have been refurbished. When they were purchased some of parts were missing (Both left and right Brake Pad Springs, and the four Brake Pad Spring Screws). 

Powerhouse Brake Pistons

  • Eight new Powerhouse stainless steel pistons were purchased

Metal Gear Sintered Pads

  • A set of sintered MGear Brake Pads were purchased to go with the new MGear front Disks

A BrakeMasters repair kit was purchased

The kit included:

  • Eight (8) of the thick packing seals (part 430491067 alternative) 
  • Eight (8) of the thinner packing seals (part 430491068 alternative) 
  • Two (2) Brake Breathers x2 Note: the Kawasaki KR-1S Supplement manual shows different parts for the two breathers but it was confirmed that both supplied by BRakeMasters were the same and will work fine.
  • Four (4) Seal rings 6.5x11.5x2.2 (Part 430491004 alternatives)
  • Two (2) Breather Caps (Part 43057003 alternatives)
  • Four (4) Copper Washers
  • Four (4) Brake Pad Spring Screw  (Part 920091569 alternatives)

The kit also came with a small sachet of Red Rubber Grease also known as rubber assembly grease. BrakeMasters ship their kits with a small amount to save you from having to buy more than what you'd need. The grease can be applied to the rubbers and will help where swelling/hardening needs to be avoided. Without the grease and over time the packing can swell and get brittle. 

For all of those part nerds like us here is the full list of parts from the exploded manual view:

  • 430201089    Brake Piston(s) x8
  • 430411340DK    Left Calliper
  • 430411341DK    Right Calliper
  • 43045007    Calliper Pin  x2
  • 430491004   Seal Ring 6.5x11.5x2.2     x4
  • 430491067   Packing (thick)    x8
  • 430491068   Packing (thin)    x8
  • 43056003     Brake Breather
  • 430561054   Brake Breather x2
  • 43057003     Breather Cap x2
  • 430821102   Brake Pad Set x2
  • 920091569   Brake Pad Spring Screw x4
  • 43084003     Brake Pad Circlip x2
  • 921441399   Brake Pad Spring x1
  • 921441400   Brake Pad Spring x1    
  • 921501261   Bolt 10x37 x4
  • 921501272   Bolt x8

Specifications, General Information and other tips
The standard front brake pads should be between 4.3mm and 4.6mm. They should be replaced when they hit the service limit at 4.0mm (cited in section 11-4 of the KR-1S Motorcycle Service Manual Supplement). 

The Front Calliper Bolts should be tightened to 20 N-m while the Calliper Spring Mounting Screws should be tightened to 2.9 N-m

Kawasaki recommend the Bleed Valves (Bleed Screws) to be pinched to 7.8 N-m however BrakeMasters suggest you ignore this recommendation as it’s likely to shear and 4 N-m should be plenty for 7mm bleeds “only turn far enough to seal – no more”

Parts Worked On: 

  • Front Brake

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Thanks for the link to this

Thanks for the link to this Shep..

Greatly appreciated. I was anticipating sand blasting would be alright, however clearly a little too abrasive..Will work out the vapour blasting.  Thanks again!!