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KR-1 Odometer Refresh.

After looking at the old 1989 KR-1 Odometer (Part 250151276), the glass was scratched and the trip meter numbers stained yellow from being beaten by decades of sun. It would be a sin to just bolt these old clocks back onto a bike that has had so much work done to it.

Other than the glass needing to be replaced it was only the black on white numbering that needed attention.

After opening the Odometer housing, a series of high-resolution photographs were taken of each number on the trip-meter barrels. The images were then digitally traced to create vectors. The vectors were then edited and placed on a conceptual strip to mimic the surface of an odometer barrel.

After measuring the widths, spacing and length it was off to find some high-quality vinyl and a vinyl plotter/cutter.

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