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KR-1 Bodywork complete

Finally, just before Christmas 2018 the Polar White/Lime Green KR-1 bodywork has been complete. This has been much more of a challenge than first expected and it would have been far easier and cheaper to find a fiberglass replica fairing and slap on the gold, black, green and white graphics with an airbrush.

Firstly, the fairing was missing the left fairing wing. This was replaced using a complex method of digitally replicating the good right side, inverting it, printing a replacement and plastic welding the replacement perfectly back into position.
The next step was just as much of a nuance. After purchasing a set of (what was claimed to be the best on the market) decals, it was found that both the size and colour of the aftermarket stickers were far from original.

Having a full set of OEM parts all of the decals were traced. Pinstripe tape was placed on the edge of every decal to provide a raised edge, this was then covered with tracing paper, taped into place and traced with a pencil. The paper copies were then scanned-in and then traced again but digitally to create a vector. The vectors were used on a vinyl cutter using colours that were matched as closely as possible using colour charts from Arlon and Avery suppliers (These are listed in a previous post).

That might be all we’ll have time for on the KR-1 this year folks but make sure you’re following if you’re interested to see what happens next

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork