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Heat Shield Installation

As you know these KTMs run hot in summer with the left leg often getting a roasting from the rear cylinder and exhaust pipe. The solution is these $60 AUD heat shields from China.

The kit is well made and fits easily:

  1. Remove the lower foot peg bolt - T47
  2. Note the brackets look identical and only one will fit snugly, bolt it in with the supplied Allen head bolt (#6 allen key)and tighten it up, then add the supplied washer and nut and tighten up with a #13 socket - See picture
  3. Trace out the supplied heat shielding and cut to suit as there is just enough to do the job - see picture.
  4. Bolt in the completed heat shield with the supplied allen bolts and washers. The supplied cable ties can be used to support the heat shield to the frame if needed. This works on the seat key side ok, however I am not sure where it goes on the brake side (RHS)
  5. Left over items from the kit which dont seem needed = 2 x rubber stopers, 2 x bolts and washers and 1 x cable tie.

I will update the post once I have tested them in some riding conditions, however so far so good!




Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Bodywork