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Gilera sc restoration

Hi all, here is my new project Gilera SC 125, an absolute beast of a 2t, I am restoring this bike and am just in need of a wiring loom, rear brake light assemble, and coolent tank, as the previous owner destroyed the loom beyond the point of repairing it being a viable option. Been told that i might be able to use a dt125r wiring loom and that they are identicle, also considered making a loom from scratch but i dont know how difficult that will be, any thoughts? Any help is appreciated :D

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System

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Hey Sam, welcome and thanks

Hey Sam, welcome and thanks for joining us. This is really exciting as your project is the first Gilera so you're breaking new ground. I've done some internet trawling and could only find references to the bike having the same motor as the DT125R. We're working hard at improving the groups section of our community site to help everyone get together to brainstorm technical questions. Hopefully we'll be one step closer before the end of this month.