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Front end assembly completed

Sooo. The zx6r triple clamps and stem have been machined to suit the ZX900A chassis and installed.

As I wanted to reatin a cable driven speedometer I had to utilise a ZX900B (97) front wheel and machine the speedo drive, wheel and 6R wheel collars to suit and align. All installed now , with the chassis steering locks to modify to all greater clearance.

Handlebars were an issue as they were too low to clear the top cowl and the fuel tank , so some bespoke VFR handlebars (unfortunate Kawasaki Deviation) were machined from 45mm to 46mm and the Top triple clamp modded to suit the bars. All the handlebar hardware is fitted up now. Front calipers are next to fit up so i can measure for Clutch and brake lines to be manufactured to ADR Specs.

Then its finally time to crack on with the install and Engineer in the Rear swingarm and shock from the ZX6R.

Believe you me this is no 5 minute hybrid job and I can understand why the AC Sanctuary bikes out of Japan are commanding $40,000USD for a build (albeit with ohlins and Brembos)

Still hoping to bring this weapon in on budget maybe this time next year

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis

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While I've only been putting

While I've only been putting KR-1S wheels on a KR-1 I've started to get an appreciation for the technical hurdles in building hybrid bikes. I can only imagine the challenges. This is a going to be a fun project to follow!