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First inspection.

My very first project was a Suzuki RG Gamma 50cc and when a friend called me up and said that this was spotted at a metal recycling site I needed to rescue it. Unlike my other projects this will be a more simple restoration or at least that's what I'm telling myself now...

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Looks like fun

Looks like fun

Shouldnt be too hard. Only hard thing to source will be mirrors. (keep those bases though)

I would sling a 350 YPVS or Banshee motor in it and paint it in WW colours. Look trick and go really well 

It looks better than my RG250

It looks better than my RG250 from 1991. It had been lowsided then spun into a parked trailer. Absolute mess. 6 months later all repaired and on the road as a HB Replica

Thanks for posting this! I

Thanks for posting this! I really love the paint scheme. Looking at this I'll need to find the lower fairing too. Have you got any images of the HBR?

Welcome to the RSPCA of

Welcome to the RSPCA of motorcycles - giving unloved and abused motorcycles a good home. I have a few dogs at home myself...