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The end result...

Here is the end result of months of hard work, loads of help from some wonderful people and a heap of fun. I also need to give a thanks to Kabir Rajbhandary for his amazing Photography. We had a great day in the studio. If you need any photos you can contact him at

If you're interested in following the next project check out the 1989 KR1 250 B2 Custom...


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That's it for all that hard

That's it for all that hard work, he only took 2 photos, how much was he charging? For that beautiful bike , we the people need some more than two photos, we the people of the world are asking for more than two photos, maybe 3 or 23 we the people have spoken, we demand, written by motorcycle voice?

Thanks for the photos, the

Thanks for the photos, the people need more rum how about before an after photos so we can see the transformation of your build DAVID and the people will be happier with cigars and a barrel of rum. 

Dont worry we're not alcoholics, we just like to be happy