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CX Photo shoot

My buddy Mirko Ivancic (Instagram: @insepsis) took some amazing photos of my CX500 back at the end of September.  I had posted these on my Instagram, but I realized I hadn't posted them up here.

Funny backstory to the shoot.  The bike died on the way there.  I shut her off at a gas station to fuel up and she wouldn't start.  THinking it was my piss-poor 2 year old wiring job (it's being redone now), I jiggled the connector I had issues with before and we were off and running. 

Once I got there, same thing happened, however she wouldn't fire back up.  So, we were taking these photos at a parking garage.  And the heavy bike wasn't running.  I was pushing this bike all around and up and down that parking garage for the whole thing, all through evening and the dark. 

Once we were done with the shoot, my buddy went and grabbed tools because yeah, of course I didn't bring my tool roll this time.  We pulled the seat and tank and found a cracked connector that had come apart.  Plugged it in and she fired up- but without tach or headlights.  After a bunch of futzing around, we got the high beam to work, so I tilted that down and got home.  Found a few more disconnected connectors and decided it was a good time to build a better harness.

Enjoy the photos and please feel free to ask about any aspect of the build.  I'll do my best to link or explain what I did.

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