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Creating 1989 KR-1 Polar White/Lime Green Decals

It was a real struggle trying to find decals that perfectly matched the original Polar White/Lime Green colour scheme. The positive was having all of the green bodywork with a mudguard from the UK, fairing from Japan and side covers and seat from Australia.

There are loads of choices when it comes to creating your own decals. For the stripes that run from the tip of the tailpiece through the bottom cowling you can
(1) Print all three colours (green, gold and white) on white vinyl;
(2) Print all three colours (green, gold and white) on clear vinyl;
(3) Print the gold stripe over a green vinyl and have a separate blue vinyl decal
(4) Print the gold stripe over blue vinyl and have a separate green vinyl decal
(5) Purchase 4 different coloured vinyl sheets and have them all cut individually.

The challenge in printing one colour over the top of another is the risk of ending up with a different shades due to darker or lighter backgrounds. Another challenge is that different vinyl or ink brands sometimes result in different shades once printed. After a series of attempts option 5 was chosen.

The decals were all hand traced, scanned and then vector traced again. A series of Arlon Calon II (21 Series EF) , Avery 900 Supercast, and Avery XL2000 Metalics colour charts were used to find the closest match. The following options were used:

(1) Grass Green 956 Pantone 369C
(2) Sapphire Blue 17
(3) Light Gold A37171-M
(4) Perfect Match Red 220 or slightly darker option Peacock Red 223

Once all of the colours were chosen it was into the vinyl cutter. Seems simple writing this all down but it took about 3 months of frustration.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork

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