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BMW r1100rt gets exhausted.

So I enjoyed riding my big pig of a flat twin tourer around for quite a while. Then I thought...

“Hang on! It’s an air cooled flat twin! It shouldn’t sound like mums sewing machine... It should sound like an effing Stuka!”

Forgive the Nazi reference, I hate those guys. 

But yeah, my bike was strangled. So was my budget! But I wanted some song! So EBay was trawled, mercilessly again and again. I’m a tight arse so this is how purchases usually start, at the bottom, how cheap can I get away with! 

“You get what you pay foooooooor!” I hear the naysayers exclaim! Yeah you’re sometimes right but that’s the beauty of eBay and being a tight arse, sometimes you win!

So I settled on this Dominator slip on system for the RT.

It was just under 500 bucks delivered (which at the time of total plague was on time!)

It’s stainless, comes with brackets that almost fit and a “decibel” thing that almost makes it legal and not obnoxious sounding!

To be honest, looking at it, it’s really well made! I was actually surprised at the quality of it. 

Fitting it: Here was the big surprise! My bike, which is 1998 had no oxygen sensor in the exhaust! I researched and thought it would. Being covered in bloody plastic etc you can’t see anything so the only way to verify this was disassembly, which no one does on a whim!

The new exhaust comes with a threaded fitting for it, with a plug.

Anyway, all good! It bolted up no worries with the brackets provided. However I didn’t think about the position of the muffler outlet. Being a little bit higher than before and the fact no catalytic converter meant a lot more heat coming out. Burnt a hole in my nice BMW systems luggage! Ouch!

Fixed that by making a new bracket an inch lower, and I’ll report on the pannier repair at a later date lol!

Sound: it’s a bit loud!

I like a bit of noise but this is a bit much! I got onto the world wide network of RT lovers via FB and got some feedback. Apparently a few inches of extra pipe in the decibel reducing insert does the trick! 

Will try that out n get back to you!

Parts Worked On: 

  • Engine