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BMW r1100rt

Ok. So the first issue you’ll encounter with one of these bikes is the “Hall Effect Sensor”.

“WTF is a Hall Effect Sensor?”

Well I’m glad you asked! It’s like a crank angle sensor as in it tells the ECU or the engines brain when to make sparks so combustion can happen.

If you purchase one of these bikes it’s the first thing that needs to be addressed (if it hasn’t been done) as it will fail and leave you thinking you’ve bought a dud!

What the exact problem is; 

The wiring for this sensor has shit insulation that will have deteriorated over the years so that it no longer insulates.

The fix; 

Rewire yourself, ie re do the five wires if you’re handy with soldering etc, can be done and avoids re timing the engine.

If you make accurate marks where the sensor attached you can re mount it in the same spot. 


Buy a new sensor with new wiring and plug. You’ll have to have this fitted at a work shop, or work out how to do the timing after you’ve installed it. Can be done at home but a bit more work involved.

This is the most common fault reported on the Face Book group for this bike. Happened to me and I posted it with many instant replies.

If you can DIY it’s an easy fix!

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System