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Ok, so the last time I posted I mentioned that I would be doing a metal rear cowl...due to bad time management and also to some unexpected extra work on another bike that I bought, the metal cowl fabrication will need to wait for a couple of months, but be assured that it will get done!

Anyway, I bought the seat you see in the photo, but it was way too long for the sub-frame so I cut it about 4 inches.

Photos show how I removed the leatherette back enough for me to cut the plastic seat base.
I also installed a metal clip at the front of the seat and a guide in the frame as this will assist me when putting the seat back after removal.

I’m thinking of giving the seat a coat of black and red vinyl paint, although leaving it brown will make the bike more “dated” which is not a bad thing...I guess I will decide after I finish putting everything back together, which I anticipate will be by next week.

P.S. The 2 close-ups of underneath the seat loaded up in the wrong angle, the original photos are in the correct angle...

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis

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