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Brakes Calliper Refurbishing

Alright, So have decided to do a little work on the Brake Calipers...

Initially I was happy with them, however decided to pull them down just to be safe. Luckly, because a rear brake piston was seized in place.

Still in the process of cleaning them down before reassembling, however the pistons themselves are not too bad...

.Let me know your thoughts.

Once they are all masked off, will drop them to the powdercoaters..

Im restoring the bike, and trying to keep mostly original... nice and clean..however partial to Gold Callipers!!

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Yeah, they are all pretty

Yeah, they are all pretty good.. surprisingly.  Didnt have to touch them with the wet and dry..which I didnt want to anyways.

I anticipate the seals are also in pretty good condition, however when is it necessary to replace them also? Cheers.. 

While I don't have the KR-1

While I don't have the KR-1 "S" Service Manual, the '88/'89 KR-1 periodic maintenance chart suggests every 2 years for caliper piston and dust seal replacement. If you're going through all of the effort to tear them down it probably would be best to get it all done while they're apart.