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KR1 250 B2 with S-Wheels

A complete ground-up rebuild of a 1989 KR-1 (B2).

KR-1 Odometer Refresh.

After looking at the old 1989 KR-1 Odometer (Part 250151276), the glass was scratched and the trip meter numbers stained yellow from being beaten by decades of sun. It would be a sin to just bolt these old clocks back onto a bike that has had so much work done to it.

Other than the glass needing to be replaced it was only the black on white numbering that needed attention. Read more about KR-1 Odometer Refresh.

KR-1 bodywork update

This is a quick update on the bodywork for the B/C hybrid KR-1. All of the original OEM plastics have been collected and it's just a case of needing to still carryout some minor plastic welding repairs on the lower fairing and left side spark-plug access cover. Once this is done, off with the decals and paint prep begins :) Read more about KR-1 bodywork update

Parts Worked On: 

  • Bodywork

KR-1 Transmission Oil

This is the first Transmission oil this bike has seen after having the top and bottom end refreshed (including new bearings and seals, new pistons, Nikasil plated barrels, vapor blasted casings, new gaskets and more…)

Transmission oil used Motul
• KR-1 Transmission oil capacity: 0.85 L
• KR-1 Transmission oil viscosity SAE 10W40
• KR-1 Transmission oil grade: SE Read more about KR-1 Transmission Oil

Parts Worked On: 

  • Transmission

KR-1 Electric Base Bracket and ignition coil.

When you take a good look at the KR-1 Electro Bracket that holds the Ignition coil you’ll notice that there are some items not listed in the official Kawasaki exploded parts  view.
Attached are a series of images to use as a reference and the parts that are not listed have been measured in case you don't have them and need to improvise
What was listed by Kawasaki?
1 x Base Plate (Part 110461135)
1 x WSP Upset Bolt (Part 187b0622) This bolts into the bracket no nut required
Read more about KR-1 Electric Base Bracket and ignition coil.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Electrical System