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The xv1000 build so far

I brought this bike for $600 with plans to build it into a bobber. I am big on making everything possible instead of buying parts and that’s what I’m attempting to do. I am pulled the engine apart to find a loverly rust ring imprinted on the bore with a score mark down the side. Also in that cylinder was a nice peice if weld splatter from the custom mana fold that had punched holes in the top of the piston and head. So I’m currently stuck in that department as genuine pistons are not available and custom pistons are a heart stopping price. Just for reference this bike is a 1984 xv1000, not an 86 as it says in the specs (84 wasn’t an option).

I have started building the custom tank. Using a steel wire frame approach as a template. It’s all coming along slowly but it’s happening.

Parts Worked On: 

  • Chassis, Engine, Fuel System

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Hi Justin, great to see you

Hi Justin, great to see you back on another project and I can't wait to see your progress. I really loved your CB cafe racer.  We updated the database so you can change your model to 1984 and get it accurate. We don't have any specifications but we'll update them as soon as we find them 

I'll be following your progress and reach out if you need anything

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wow, love the idea of the

wow, love the idea of the custom tank. After you've done the wireframe, do you roll aluminium into it? Pardon my ignorance here, not seen anyone make a tank from scratch!

Yeah so the frame is finished

Yeah so the frame is finished now, the metal I am using is 1mm cold roled mild steel, it is easy to work with and I can weld it with the tools I have. The side pieces are flat and then the top will be curved, I’ll do this using hammer and dolly and an English wheel that I built in school. Luckelry my mate is a welder so he is going to TIG weld it all for me after iv tacked it all up