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KR-1 Transmission Oil

This is the first Transmission oil this bike has seen after having the top and bottom end refreshed (including new bearings and seals, new pistons, Nikasil plated barrels, vapor blasted casings, new gaskets and more…)

Transmission oil used Motul
• KR-1 Transmission oil capacity: 0.85 L
• KR-1 Transmission oil viscosity SAE 10W40
• KR-1 Transmission oil grade: SE

A few other items completed today include:
• Kickstart installed
• Oil and water reservoirs installed
• Airbox installed
• Oil cap replaced with new old stock OEM cap
• Chain pressed and riveted
• Engine covers installed

This weekend we’ll take a look at setting the float levels on the refurbished carburettors and get them installed

Parts Worked On: 

  • Transmission

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Hi David .fantastic  progress

Hi David .fantastic  progress of getting this project to and end and looking back to how you started it .a filling of fulfillment I can almost smell that two stroke smoke you will be full with joy and excìment. Top job well done mate I am so happy for you. One love